An entrepreneur's journey if filled with “no's” and “that will never work”. When I started this brand, it was the same.I wasn’t viewed as a brand or a designer, I but always pushed forward, making mistake after mistake, and turning them into lessons. Even the darkest of night will end and the sun will rise, and those who don’t give up find victory. After a decade of building my brand, working in 22 different countries, I'm using my experience to bring to life my first ready-wear item, the Donovan England “Creator” hat.

The “Creator” is for those who found their creative or want to be part of this ‘community. The all black repre-sents the journey and stealth speed we must go through to find your greatest. The white logo on the back represents the pure moment, or I call nirvana, we find at the end of the life's lessons and brings us peace. This hat is a shield, to remind that you are never alone, to keep going, and you are part of a bigger community.